The Marriage Vampires

                  Living with a Narcissistic Personality

Dealing with relationships that drain you dry...

"Marriage Vampire" shares information, insights and options to those living in difficult situations impacted by an NPD.  It  also alerts, and warns, those who are  entering into a relationship with a Narcissistic Personality.  

It is time to find answers...
and some hope!

Made these comments?
Had these thoughts?
Then it's time you read
"The Marriage Vampire"!

"I must be going crazy."

"I try to tell my husband how miserable I am; he always tells me it's my fault."

"No matter what I do,
it's just never good enough for her."

"Everything was perfect until we married. Suddenly it all changed."

"I caught him with pornography.
He told me it was because I didn't
fulfill him and I drove him to it."

"If other people knew what she was
really like, they'd faint."

"That's the crazy thing...
all our friends think we're the
happiest couple they know."

"I don't know what he'd do if
he found out I'd told anybody
about what's been happening."

Divorce is rampant.
Half of all marriages fail.
Families don't know where to turn.
Businesses are torn apart by conflict.   
The results are sobering. 

What about those people who fight to make marriages
and relationships work, yet end up devastated and
drained emotionally as the relationships fall apart?  

Some may not realize that even if they did everything right,
it still might not work.  It's time they tried to find out if they are in a relationship with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder...
one of "The Marriage Vampires".

In "The Marriage Vampire" author Clifton Fuller shares insights 
for those involved with this personality type.
Many may not even know these personalities exist,
as these personalities often are undetected until it's too late.

You feel like you're going crazy.
Maybe it's time you knew you're not crazy...maybe it's really them.  

Read the signs.
Protect yourself.
Be wise!
Avoid entanglement with a Marriage Vampire. 

If already involved, learn how to deal with the situation.