The Marriage Vampires

                  Living with a Narcissistic Personality

Sneak Preview!

"Marriage Vampire" shares information, insights and options to those living in difficult situations impacted by an NPD.  It  also alerts, and warns, those who are  entering into a relationship with a Narcissistic Personality.  

It is time to find answers...
and some hope!
Clifton Fuller's humor and insights come across loud and clear in his writing.  He takes a difficult personality disorder and makes us laugh, cry, yet understand more as he unveils information that is important to each and every one of us!

Sampling of information covered!

  1. What is a Marriage Vampire?
  2. How did my MVP change into a Marriage Vampire Personality?
  3. When did I Become a Zombie?
  4. Salt on the Floor. Garlic 'Round the Door
    (Preventing a relationship with a MV)
  5. The First Bite 
  6. Living in the Darkness
  7. Escape into the Light 
  8. Knowing When They're Near 
  9. Jekyll and Hyde are Their Friends
  10. They Seem so Perfect
  11. What Do I Do Now?
  12. I've Been Bitten.  Who Would Ever Want Me Now?
  13. Is There Hope?