The Marriage Vampires

                  Living with a Narcissistic Personality

About the author, Clifton Fuller...

"Marriage Vampire" shares information, insights and options to those living in difficult situations impacted by an NPD.  It  also alerts, and warns, those who are  entering into a relationship with a Narcissistic Personality.  

It is time to find answers...
and some hope!

Clifton Fuller is a licensed professional counselor, Clifton Fullerlicensed clinical social worker and licensed marriage and family therapist.  He has been in the mental health profession for 35+ years, working as a former psychiatric hospital therapist and administrator, as well as social services administrator for emotionally disturbed and mentally challenged children and adolescents. He has been in private practice in San Antonio, TX since 1985.   

Due to his knowledgeable experience, Clifton Fuller is a popular speaker for business, community, church, media and professional groups.  His practical, yet humorous style makes him a top choice for teacher in-service programs, as well as parent education programs. He has hosted and been a frequent guest on radio programs, as well as a speaker for hospital groups and at professional conferences.  He has published articles for mental health websites as well as family publications.

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What I felt compelled to write this book:

As a marriage and family therapist, I work with families and individuals in great pain who don't understand why their lives are falling apart, no matter what they do.  

Many come to me, not knowing or recognizing that they are actually dealing with a 'Narcissistic Personality Disorder', one of the most complex and difficult type of person you'll ever meet.

Many people don't even know what a NPD is...until they've 'been bitten' by one.  I refer to these personality disorders as 'Marriage Vampires' because they will literally drain you dry.  Their personality type often creates such an unstable environment that their partners often believes they (the partner) are going crazy.

Mental Health Professionals have known about the NPD for years, but I felt it was time others  (outside the healthcare field)  found answers and understood what was happening.  I felt it was imperative that a book was specifically written to address and help families and individuals.   For whatever reason, our society is witnessing an increasing number of individuals experiencing the confusing impact the NPD brings to marriages, relationships, the work place, church and schools. 

Personality patterns exist for Narcissistic Personality Disorder individuals.  Their spouses, families, associates and co-workers experience confusion in an unpredictable, often surreal workd in which they find themselves.  This leads to emotional & physical fatigue, uncertainty, fear and depression. 

This book shares information, insights and options to those living in these difficult situations.  It will also alert, and warn, those who may be entering into a relationship with a Narcissistic Personality.  

It is time to find answers...and some hope.